JAM Plastics Clean Rooms

JAM Plastics supports clean room plastic molding services and assembly for our customers in medical device, food service and electronics with critical clean room requirements. Our qualified technicians work with our customers to determine the optimum work flow for their plastic components and assemblies from molding through shipping.

Our clean room plastic injection molded parts stay in the clean room environment through molding, inspection and packaging, assuring their cleanliness and quality.

Clean Room Plastic Molding Products Experience

Our experience with clean rooms includes:

Clean Room Plastic Molding Capabilities

Our clean room molding capabilities include:

Secondary Services & Capabilities

JAM Plastics provides a number of secondary services including assembly, plating, and pad printing to support our fabricating capabilities. Our secondary services are performed for the fabricated components, assemblies, sub-assemblies, and finished assemblies that we manufacture.

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