JAM Plastics Mold Repair

JAM Plastics Mold Building & Repair

JAM Plastics' mold building and repair technicians design and build precise, durable and efficient plastic injection molds -- from simple single-cavity to complex multi-cavity – for our customers. We also maintain and repair injection molds for almost any need.

With years of mold building and repair experience, our in-house facility is fully equipped to support our customers' mold building and repair requirements -- from initial mold design and tooling to the final product with secondary operations.

Plastic Injection Mold Building & Repair Experience

Our experience with plastic injection mold building and repair for our customers includes:

Plastic Injection Mold Building & Repair Capabilities

Our comprehensive plastic injection mold building and repair capabilities include:

Secondary Services & Capabilities

JAM Plastics provides a number of secondary services including assembly, plating, and pad printing to support our fabricating capabilities. Our secondary services are performed for the fabricated components, assemblies, sub-assemblies, and finished assemblies that we manufacture.

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